What Are The Health Benefits of an  Infrared Sauna ?

Infrared Sauna

What Are The Health Benefits of an  Infrared Sauna ?

The infrared sauna has been around for a while now, but it still attracts  many people who are eager to experience the numerous benefits of this kind  of therapy. However, due to the lack of information and false propaganda  regarding the high technology sauna, they can’t make up their mind  regarding the purchase. 

If you are considering an infrared sauna, but aren’t quite sure  what the benefits are, don’t worry! Infrared saunas seem to be all the rage  right now and people rave about how wonderful they are. But what exactly is an infrared sauna? What do they offer? In this guide, I share everything you need to know about infrared  saunas, including how they work and the various benefits associated with them. 

What Is An Infrared Sauna? 

According to Mayo Clinic, an infrared sauna is a type of sauna that uses light  in the infrared spectrum and electromagnetic radiation to create heat. This  process is different from the traditional sauna, which relies on the heat  produced by burning wood or steam. 

Infrared saunas use special lights that emit infrared energy waves, which  penetrate your skin up to 20 cm, thus heating your body directly from the  inside out. The heat in an infrared sauna is dry, gentle and penetrating, and  does not cause any burns or discomfort. 

This form of therapy has been used for centuries, but only recently has it  become popular in the West.


How Does Infrared Sauna Work? 

Infrared saunas use special infrared lamps to heat up the air. These lamps  emit infrared energy waves that heat the air and penetrate your skin up to  20 centimeters so that you can feel the warm air on your skin. They are also known as “near-infrared” or “nano-technology” saunas. Infrared light has a higher wavelength than visible light and is emitted from  special lamps. The infrared light penetrates deep into the body, heating up  the blood vessels, muscles, joints, and organs. This process helps to increase  blood circulation in the body and flush out toxins through your skin (the  sweat glands). 

This type of sauna helps stimulate lymphatic drainage – a process that  flushes out toxins from the body. 

How Long Does It Take to Get Used to Infrared Sauna? 

Since infrared saunas can produce a lot of heat, it may take some time for  your body to get used to the intense heat. Here are some tips for getting  used to infrared sauna: 

Drink lots of water when you first enter the sauna. Infrared saunas can  make you sweat, and this sweat can contain toxins that are harmful to your  health, so drink plenty of water before entering the sauna. At first, it will be  difficult for your body to get rid of these toxins because they have been  stored in your muscles and organs. However, after a few sessions in an  infrared sauna, you will be able to rid your body of many toxins that were  previously stored in your body. 

After you enter the sauna, do not sit down. The infrared sauna will heat up  the air around you and make it very uncomfortable to sit down, so instead,  stand or walk around the sauna for a while. This will help you work up a  sweat and get rid of toxins from your body more quickly.

Avoid drinking alcohol before you enter the sauna. Alcohol can dehydrate  your body and make it more difficult for your body to eliminate toxins  through sweating. 

Avoid exercising right before entering an infrared sauna, as this may cause  dehydration or make it harder for your muscles to recover after exercising.  If this happens, drink plenty of water after exercising and enter the sauna  immediately. 

After you have been in the sauna for at least 10 minutes, sit down on one of  the benches and lean back. This will help your body get rid of toxins that  have been stored in your muscles and organs.

After you have been sitting in the sauna for a while, you can move to  another bench and lean forward, then stretch out your legs to relax them.  After a few minutes, you can stand up again and stretch out your arms while  leaning forward. These positions help to eliminate toxins from your muscles  as well as relax them as well. 

What Are The Health Benefits Of An Infrared Sauna 

An infrared sauna has many health benefits. The infrared heat deeply  penetrates into your body improving circulation, promoting detoxification,  boosting the immune system, and relaxing your muscles. Probably you’ve  heard about how great infrared saunas can be for your health, but do you  know how great? Here are some ways an infrared sauna can benefit your  health. 

Chronic fatigue syndrome 

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a complex and debilitating disorder that  affects about one million Americans, mostly women. Another three million  Americans are suffering from similar fatigue-related illnesses, yet most of  them are undiagnosed.

The condition results in severe exhaustion, cognitive impairment, and other  symptoms that have no known cause or cure. Patients might suffer from  headaches, muscle pain, insomnia, or any number of other conditions. 

Using an infrared sauna can help to treat CFS because it raises the core body  temperature to an average of 102 degrees Fahrenheit without increasing the  surface temperature. This stimulates the body’s own immune system, which  

produces cytokines that trigger the release of histamines and leukotrienes  to fight off infections. 

These compounds also help to open up the blood vessels and allow them to  dilate. This improves circulation in the capillaries and reduces the severity  of those symptoms by boosting energy levels. The infrared saunas also boost  metabolism and oxygenate red blood cells so they can carry more oxygen  throughout the body. 

Muscle soreness 

The infrared heat from an infrared sauna causes your muscles to relax, and  your heart rate to slow down. It also helps to lower your blood pressure and  reduce stress hormones such as cortisol. The heat penetrates deep into your  muscles and joints and helps you feel less tired after exercising or doing  sports activities.  

Blood Pressure 

First, let’s talk about what causes high blood pressure in the first place. High  blood pressure is a result of stress in the body, especially the modern-day  stress that we all face on a daily basis. This leads to more water retention  and more toxins build up in our bodies. We eat foods that contain chemicals,  preservatives, and other unnatural substances from the environment and we  don’t get enough exercise or sleep anymore. All these things contribute to  hypertension.

 The heat from an infrared sauna can help people with high blood pressure  by relaxing them and releasing water retention, which can help lower blood  pressure naturally. Infrared saunas can also cleanse your body of toxins and  increase your energy level so you will be more likely to exercise and eat  properly. Studies have shown IR Sauna to be effective at controlling hypertension. 

Skin Cleansing 

The infrared sauna is very good for your skin. It helps cleanse your skin,  removing the toxins that make it look dull and aged. 

The sweat that is released during an infrared sauna session contains  chemicals like ammonia and lactic acid. When this sweat mixes with the air,  they combine together to form nitric oxide. 

This nitric oxide has antibacterial properties which help in cleaning your  pores effectively. This way your skin looks fresh and healthy. 

Stress Relief 

Saunas have been used for centuries for stress relief, dating back to ancient  Finland where people would sit in steam baths to relax their minds, bodies,  and spirits. 

Heat therapy has been shown to relieve stress by decreasing levels of  adrenaline, a hormone that triggers the fight-or-flight response when you’re  stressed out. 

Body Detoxification 

The electromagnetic radiation in an infrared sauna is what makes it so  beneficial for detoxification. The heat emitted from the lamps causes the  water inside our cells to vibrate and expand. When water moves into open 

areas of our cells, toxins are expelled through the pores in our skin  (sweating). The increase in blood flow also helps with this process. 

Free radicals are formed when we’re exposed to toxins and pollution, which  can also lead to cancer. An infrared sauna helps to neutralize free radicals by  increasing circulation and moving toxins out of the body through sweat. In a  30-minute session, you will eliminate up to 1/2 cup of toxins through sweat  and breathing. 

The process of sweating is one way that people have been able to rid their  bodies of toxins for thousands of years. Infrared saunas make this process  easier by increasing circulation and moving toxins out through the skin via  sweat. 

Infrared Sauna Vs. Traditional Sauna: What’s The  Difference? 

There are many differences in the structure and energy type of infrared  sauna vs traditional sauna. Traditional saunas use wood as a heat source  while infrared saunas use infrared lamps as the heat source. The  temperature inside the traditional sauna is higher than the infrared one,  which reaches only up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The traditional sauna is  usually made out of wood, or at times concrete or stones. However, the  infrared sauna can be made out of any material that can reflect infrared rays  like plastic, glass, or even plywood. 

Infrared Sauna: 

An infrared sauna heats you up from within your body instead of heating it  from outside your body. It uses a low-level light that is invisible to the naked 

eye and penetrates deep into your tissues and muscles to release toxins  from the body. The light energy transfers into heat energy to help detoxify  the body through the sweating mechanism. This is in contrast with  Traditional Sauna where you sweat out toxins through pores on your skin  surface by increasing skin temperature. 

Traditional Sauna: 

Traditional Sauna heats you up from outside your body by increasing skin  temperature. Sweating comes out of pores on the skin surface through  increasing sweat gland activities which help detoxify by releasing toxins  from the body. 

What Are The Risks Of Using an Infrared Sauna? 

There are no known risks of using an infrared sauna. Some people do  experience mild side effects after using a sauna, including feeling tired,  headaches, and being thirsty. In addition, it is possible that you might  experience some mild temporary dehydration (meaning your body has a  lower than normal blood volume). This is because the high temperatures can  cause you to sweat out fluids. 

A study published in the “Journal of Environmental Health” found that an  infrared sauna session can increase levels of carbon monoxide in the blood.  However, this increase is only temporary and will not have any long-term  health effects. Sometimes, the high heat levels can also cause a brief drop in  blood pressure. However, once you get out of the sauna or cool down, your  blood pressure returns to normal. 

In general, infrared saunas are considered safe for healthy people and  people with chronic conditions who consult their doctors first. If you have  any questions about whether you should use an infrared sauna, talk to your  doctor before doing so.

You should not use an Infrared Sauna if you are pregnant. 



Putting it simply, an infrared sauna is the working of deep penetrating heat your body and there are dozens of benefits associated with using this type of sauna. The logic behind the invention is simple: hot  temperatures stimulate certain enzymes and dilate blood vessels while it  purges excess fluids from within. All these improve your body’s metabolic  functions which, in turn, will increase your overall health and quality of life.  


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